Lady Tarin is an italian photographer and artist, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna.

The theme of my personal research is focused on the eroticism understood like life force.
The possibility that a woman has to inhabit her body, to belong to herself.
As a woman I can grasp the intimate of another female, to portray her identifying myself in a game of reflections that may lead to identity.
For that empathy with the subject is a central part of my work.
I prefer to shoot in analogue, although for reasons of time and practicality, commercial services it is almost always in digital.
The photographic film allows me greater closeness with the subject. Is a technique more silent, and that respects the skin texture and the image depth.
The clothes are always in relation to the person as well as the surrounding environment, and help me to tell a story. My personal work feeds on bare my fashion works, as well as fashion feeds my personal research.​

Short film
2014 SkyArte “Next girl” regia di Giovanni Troilo

Solo Show
2016 Sept Stanze Private, Galleria Gorza – Rimini
2016 Feb "Skin Tales", Beattricks Milan
2011 May "Naked Steady Go" Le Dictateur, Milan.

Group Shows
2014 Feb "Nu – Collective about nude" Marselleria, Milano.
2013 May "Hot" Galleria de Magistris, Milan 
2013 May "Un Homme Juste est Quand Mème un Homme Mort" Palais de Tokyo, Paris with Le Dictateur
2012 July "These Peanuts are Bullets" Family Business, New York.
2011 Dec "Run" Room Gallery, Milan.
2010 May "No Soul for Sale" Tate Modern, London with Le Dictateur.
2015 Nov "Il Nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana", Triennale Milan

2016 Stanze Private – NFC edizioni 
2014 Praestigium Italia I – Contemporary Artist From Italy, Luciano Benetton Collection.
2014 Nu – Collective about nude, Catalogo Marselleria, Milano.
2013 Le Dictateur n°4 – Special issue for Palais de Tokyo.
2010 Le Dictateur n°3 – Special issue for Tate Modern’s 10th anniversary.


Photo Credits: detail from a Toni Thorimbert shoot